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Safety and Security: Travers Nepal is dedicated to ensuring always the highest level of safety and security. We never compromise on the quality of services that we are offering and providing. We are always vigilant for the safety of our clients. From picking up clients at the airport to dropping them off, we have been completing their vacations with full preparation for their safety.

Quality of Service: The meaning of quality can be clearly understood in every work we do. We are always responsible for our services and facilities and never compromise. Quality service provided by every member of Travers Nepal is our asset and value. To date, we have not made any compromise on any of the services and facilities expected by the clients and promised by us. We have the ability to provide high-quality services to our clients from our past practices.

Prompt Response: We are always ready to address all the queries of our clients according to their timeframe, budget, and wishes. We offer prompt responses to every question and curiosity of our clients as soon as possible within 24 hours. We give the response to every question received by Travers Nepal in a satisfactory manner. We have provided them with the facility to ask questions through various online channels and we respond with proper answers to those questions. For example, you can use email, Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, phone calls, etc.

Authentic Information Sharing: Authentic and genuine two things are key factors of this company. We only share and make available authentic and genuine information to our clients; this has helped us to stay connected with them. We guarantee that all information and news provided by us will be real and based on official data from official sources only. We want to make it clear to you that we will never participate in presenting any misleading and false information. 

Regular Update: We give regular updates to our clients who are scattered all over the world through various online social networks. As Internet media, such as social networking sites and the Internet have a major impact on what we do, we feel it is our responsibility to keep our customers and users informed regularly. Our official website and social networking sides aim to provide updated information to all our clients, well-wishers, and news readers.

No Hidden Costs: Travers Nepal always prioritizes transparency and accountability and does not attach any hidden charges or value-added fees to clients. It is heard that some Trek and Tour companies charge different fees after the start of the trip, but we do not charge any additional fees beyond the total amount we agree to take with clients. We strongly believe in transparency.

Professional Team: Beginning to the end of the trip we will manage to complete it very easily and fruitfully. Travers Nepal is a company formed by a group of skilled and capable manpower who work by forming a team of at least 2 experts in each field. We believe that by working in this way, every task can be completed easily, quickly, efficiently, and conveniently.

Social Contribution: We have been supporting 10% of the company's profits with school dresses, bags, books, copies, and necessary stationary materials for students studying in schools in rural areas. We have bought those items from the profit of the money you paid. Along with us, you will also contribute to social work directly/indirectly. 

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