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Gosaikunda Pass Trek

Trip code GPT-TN
Package name Gosaikunda Pass Trek
Duration 11
Max. elevation 4460 m
Transportation All ground transportation during the trek
Accomodation 3*** Star Hotel in Thamel, Kathmandu, and Tea House/Lodge during the trek 
Starts at Kathmandu
Ends at Kathmandu
Trip route Kathmandu-Dhunche-Chandan Bari-Ghopte-Kutumsang-Chisapani-Sundarijal-Kathmandu
Cost USD 999 per person



The most popular pilgrimage trek in the high Himalayas Nepal, The Gosaikunda trek is religiously significant and valued, and the most beautiful trek in Nepal. More than a pilgrimage or the choice of the pilgrims, it is one of the best trekking in Nepal that goes far inside the Himalayas holding the mysteries and gems of the ultimate adventure. Gosaikunda trek is a typical trek with excitement, adventure, steep trails, and the ultimate thrill all covered with magnificent nature and its phenomenal. What you can expect about the Gosaikunda trek is a complete journey to retreat and refreshment, rejuvenation, and rejoicing and the new begins with a fresh start.

Compositions of the culture, norms, faith, and beliefs of the peoples and sanctity & divinity of the Holy Lakes, with greeneries, high altitudes, wildlife of the wilder alpine region, challenging ups and downs, moraines and the glacial lakes, eye-dazzling Himalayan vistas, and panoramas, gushing waterfalls, beautiful landscapes make Gosaikunda trek one the finest and purest Classical Trekking in Nepal. The Gosaikunda Trek and the region fall under the Langtang National Park and Conservation Projects. Being a part of the Conservation Area, this Trek is great for wilder exploration, observation of rare Floras and Faunas, and understanding the complex Himalayan ecosystem in a journey.

The religious values and the beliefs of the Hindu and Buddhist peoples over The Gosaikunda trek and the holy lakes add more charm and emotions. Peoples use to visit the holy region from the ancient periods, it connects the ancient Hindu and Indian Continental settlements. Peoples use to say that the Gosaikunda region once used to be dry land. When Lord Shiva passed through this highland and got thirsty, he did not find any source of water. Then Lord Shiva spread the peak with his Trisula, the Divine Trident of Lord Shiva, and the water came out. Due to the religious value, the Hindus visit the Gosaikunda often and pray for the blessings of the Lord. The Holy Lakes around the Gosaikunda Region are believed to be the purest and most divine. Fresh water is one of the highest-placed freshwater sources in the Himalayas. The Gosaikunda region has more than 17 lakes ranging from 4000m to 4700m in Elevation and Gosaikunda, Bhairav Kunda, Saraswathi Kunda, Kyumachho Kunda, Dudh Kunda, Surya Kunda Aama Kunda, Ganesh Kunda, etc. are some of the major tranquil and pristine lakes in this lake series.

The Lake Series is the head of the River Trisuli and Devi Ghat Hydropower. The Lakes and the water here create numerous waterfalls and their sound gush all over the region. Along with the turquoise lakes and beautiful waterfalls, the pristine mountain vistas, stunning Himalayan panoramas, lush alpine and sub-tropical forests, wilder and highland exploration, and the observation of the Langtang National Park makes the Gosaikunda trek one of the best and popular A pilgrimage trek in the high Himalayas. The cultural exploration and the observation of the typical highland lifestyle are additional best experiences of this trekking.

Trip Itinerary

Day 1 : Arrival in Kathmandu (1,350m/4,428ft) | Transfer to Hotel

Upon your arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport, the representative of Travers Nepal will welcome you and take you to the hotel as per the itinerary. After refreshing and resting, you may also visit the Office of Travers Nepal. The Trekking Guide and/or the Travers Nepal’s Official will visit you for the remaining processes and formalities before the trip begins. You may ask related questions and queries to the official Guides as well.

Day 2 : Sightseeing in Kathmandu Valley

After breakfast, the City Tour Guide will visit y Hotel with Private Vehicle for Kathmandu City Tour. The Tour will be done with other crew members (No needs to join other for Private trips). Out of the seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Kathmandu, we explore four sites. You may also visit other sites with applicable charges.

Sites Visit: -

For more information about Kathmandu Sightseeing, visit the Link.

Day 3 : Drive from Kathmandu to Dhunche (1,966m/6,450ft.) 5-6 hours’ drive with private 4wd drive | Overnight at hotel (B, L, D):

After breakfast in Kathmandu, we drive so far, to the district headquarters of Rasuwa. Dhunche is the headquarter of Rasuwa and the getaway for the Gosaikunda Trek. The Langtang trek begins from Syabru Besi which is about an hour of drive from Here. We take a private Tourist vehicle for that. We drive along the Trisuli River. We first go through the Prithivi Highway and take a diversion from Galchhi that connect the Nuwakot. We further go far till we enter the Rasuwa border. The terrace paddy land will be so incredible to admire during the drive. Before we approach Dhunche, we will check out at the Langtang National Park Check Point. With trek permission and luggage checking, we further drive until we arrive at Dhunche. We will see the Himalayan Panorama several times while on road. 

Day 4 : Trek from Dhunche to Chandan Bari/Shin Gompa (3,330m/10,925ft.) 6-7 hours walk | Overnight at Hotel (B, L, D):

After the morning snacks and breakfast, we exclusively start the Gosaikunda Trek. We take the straight way that takes us deep into the gorge and near the freshwater stream. About an hour of average walking bring us to the base/ beneath the gigantic hill. From here we continuously walk the upward hilly trail. The lush subtropical forest gradually fades and slowly the alpine plants become visible. The trail presents the long and large waterfalls far/ on the other side/back side is truly so incredible. The falls gosh all over the area. The burble and gurgle of the water and its gigantic looks are jaw-dropping.  We cross the Deurali where stay for a while to rest. Deurali offers stunning views of the Langtang Himal and the range. Continuing the upward hike, we come to the Chandan Bari which locals also use to call Shin Gumba. The Chandan Bari has the Yak Cheese Factory run by the Government Corporation, Dairy Development Corporation. It manufactures the finest and world-famous Yak Cheese. Chandan Bari offers an outstanding view of the entire Valley and the tipping mountains. The Landscapes is fascinating. The greeneries, the sloppy green hills, the deep gorge, and the river make the entire look so pretty. 

Day 5 : Trek from Chandan Bari/Shin Gompa to Gosaikunda (4,380m/14, 370ft.) 5-6 hours walk | Overnight at Hotel (B, L, D):

With the beautiful sunrise, we take our breakfast and begin to walk ahead. In the beginning, we ascend gradually through the ridge line or watershed. The whole down valley beneath our foot looks so incredible. The route is very easy and almost flat till Cholang Patti. We spend a while here claiming the outstanding views of the stunning Langtang Range before making another upward hike. Although the route is usually an upward hard walk, it is well maintained and wider throughout the trek. With a couple of hours of hike, we reach Lauri Binayak. This place offers incredible Panoramas. The Upper Gosaikunda Valley becomes opens and begins to see the high Himalayan terrains.  With a couple of other upward hikes, we come to the point called the Buddha Mandir which is another marvelous place to admire the stunning colossal of the Langtang Range and the Gosaikunda on another side. The Watershed offers stunning 360-degree views: mountains, hills, green landscapes, and the deep valley beneath. From here, the route becomes straight and slightly upward ascending through rocky and sloppy sideways with naked crags. The whole way from here has railed for safety and the path is well maintained.

The Ganesh Temple is the first place that allows one to see the turquoise Himalayan freshwater lake series of Gosaikunda. This small pass is the gateway to the Himalayan vales. With 30-45 minutes of walking from the Ganesh Temple, we come to the upside of the Lake. We drop our luggage at the hotel and get to the small ridge that offers stunning views of both Gosaikunda and Bhairav Kunda. The dusk show will be so amazing.

Day 6 : Acclimatization Day | Day Hike to Surya Peak (4610m)

The beauty of the Gosaikunda is so impressive and one can’t collect or cove all the moments in a single visit. Despite its beauty being out of full coverage, we still try out our best effort the admire it more and more. We spend a day herein exploring the surrounding. We take a hike to Surya Kunda after sunrise. It is another marvelous place to explore while in Gosaikunda Region. The Himalayan Glacial Lake offers outstanding mountain views and their reflection on the pond. Likewise, the turquoise Gosaikunda also reflects fascinating & mesmerizing views. Standing on the side of the lakes and admiring the entire mountains that surround the lakes! Just pleasant!

Although we do have not enough time to explore the whole region, we at least try to reach and explore the most and best places the whole day. 

Day 7 : Trek from Gosaikunda to Ghopte (3,430m/11.253ft.) via Lauri Binayak La Pass (4460m/14,632ft.) 8-9 hours walk | Overnight at hotel (B, L, D):

We again follow the path that we already walk on the previous day for Surya Kunda. We ascend to the Surya Kunda which lies at the Elevation of 4,610m and go furthermore till we reach the Lauri Binayak la Pass. Crossing the Pass, we gradually descend, and a few rounds of downturn begin to show the forest and alpine plants. We cross the High Camp, Phedi, and Dhupi (Juniper) Chaur before approaching Ghopte Bhir (Extremely sloped land or Crag). We spend a night here in the Lodge

Day 8 : Trek from Ghopte to Kutumsang (2,470m/8,103ft.) via Thadepati Pass (3490m/11,450ft.) 5-6 hours walk | Overnight at hotel (B, L, D):

This segment of the trek takes us to another popular short trekking destination, Helambu Area. With several ascends and descends, we approach the Thadepati Pass which offers splendid of the marvelous views of the entire value of Helambu. Again, we further descend to Kutumsang and enjoy the great scenes and greeneries before dinner. We are also able to see one of the 14 eight Thousanders namely Mt. Shishapangma which borders Nepal from Tibet.

Day 9 : Trek from Kutumsang to Chisapani (2,165m/7,103ft.) 4 hours walk | Overnight at hotel (B, L, D):

We follow the beautiful muddy path to Gul Bhanjyang. Proceeding the forest way, we cross the Thodang Bettini, Chipling, and Pati Bhanjyang before arriving at Chisapani. new spend a night here in Chisapani. During this segment of the Trek, the visitors can acknowledge the geographical variance of Nepal and its cultural diversity as well. The whole environment changes suddenly like the change in the wallpaper. The alpine range change to a Subtropical forest and the weather suddenly feels warmer. Even the houses and villages look different as well. 

Day 10 : Trek from Chisapani to Sundarijal (1,460m/4,790ft.) | Drive from Sundarijal to Kathmandu. 4 hour's walk and 1 hour's drive

Sundarijal- Chisapani is one of the famous day hikes near Kathmandu. Many peoples hike this way on weekends. After breakfast, we gradually hike down through the lush and thick Shivapuri Forest. The Area itself falls under the Shivapuri National Park. We can witness the numerous endemic and rare plants, wildflowers, and trees. If we are lucky may see wild animals as well. Seeing wild animals in the hilly area is very rear. Upon reaching Sundarijal, we take either the cab or our private vehicle will pick us up from there to Kathmandu.

Day 11 : Departure

For the departure date, our representative with Private Vehicle will pick you up from the hotel and drop to Airport. 


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